Make a Telegram bot quickly and easily


Telegram bot in 5 minutes without special knowledge with administration in a simple and familiar control panel.

Simple administration

After installing the module, the telegram bot is ready to work. The administrator through the content management system creates sections and pages that are available to the user after publication.

Clear structure

Providing structured content for the user in the messenger with easy navigation through the sections. Ability to send files and images. Search in materials with a simple query - just send a message.

Sending news

News and material updates are sent to everyone who interacted with the bot and did not exclude it from contacts. A great opportunity to remind a loyal audience about yourself.


Live communication with bot subscribers. The user can send any message to the bot operator, and the operator's response comes as a message from the bot. For the operator, messages come by email and he also sends the answer to email.

Live demo

An example of a simple telegram bot implemented using a CMS MODx Revolution Follow the link and type the command /start

How to buy

You can buy a bot for MODx through the add-on store or write to